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    Editing Data Grid Records

    ANSCORP Level 1
      I'm experiencing an odd problem with a "quick and dirty" test application I built today using the ColdFusion wizzard in the production release of Flex 2 Builder. The application connects to a single datasource, displays a data grid with two fields (approximately 120 records in the source table), and contains the wizzard provided buttons for adding, editing, and deleting the data grid records. When I select a record in the data grid and click the edit button, a second form (a detail page as defined in the wizzard) pops open with access to all fields in my table. The problem is, the data flashes (no pun intended) briefly in the form fields, and then dissappears so what I'm left with is an "add new record" form. Now here's the weird part: If I'm using a browser on the machine where I built the Flex app, the details page displays fine with all data fields filled out properly with the contents of the table. If I'm using a browser on the virtual server I'm using to host the CF server, again, everything displays fine. It's only when I access the application from another system on the network that I see the dissappearing data effect. I've verified that each browser instance is running the most current version of Flash player 9. I've also ensured that (for testing purposes) the crossdomain.xml file is set to "*" (thinking that it might be some strange cross domain issue manifesting itself).

      On a seperate note, the "master/detail" version of this application (where the data grid and detail editor are on the same form) works perfectly no matter where I'm accessing the application. Any ideas would be appreciated.

      Thanks - Michael McConnell