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    Giving an ICON to my desktop AIR app?

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      Well, I just completed my first AIR app. I took an existing flex app that my agency has been using for about a year now and converted it to AIR. It was much better suited outside the browser environment, so this was the perfect chance to try AIR. Well, I exported my project. Installed the app to C:\Program Files. I selected the option to create a desktop short-cut. Finish! Well, I have my app installed and it's on the desktop as well. It runs perfectly. The only thing left is to set the icon for the application. How is this done aside from manually setting an icon from the short-cut's properties menu. Is there a setting in Flex Builder that sets the icon? Google has given me no help. Any time there's a mention of "learn to add an icon to your AIR app", it always refers to an ADOBE AIR class and the material covered.

      Help!! thanks!