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    Double-audio playback on Youtube video

    ah83022087 Level 1

      Having a heck of a time with what I think maybe a bug with the automatic play option of the Youtube social media widget found in the adobe muse product. In other words, I am not using a third party product.


      I am getting double audio playback on the automatic play after I go into the various small breakpoints to re-position the youtube play box. This bug corrects itself when I replace the widget again and reload the video then publish.  I get no double audio playback on automatic play on the largest sized breakpoint but it only occurs when I go into the smaller breakpoints and reposition the playbox.  I have been chatting with someone as a solution, but they can't figure it out yet.


      Question: Is there a free alternative to the Youtube widget that allow automatic playback of youtube video on a muse produced site?


      Thank you



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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey ah,


          I am quite confused about your reported issue!

          Is it something affecting your live site or do you face problem while working within Muse app?


          By issue description I am guessing it is something within the application, however, there isn't anything I am able to reproduce.


          Would probably need a .muse file with your youtube video on it so I can have a look at.





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            Preran Adobe Employee

            I am unable to reproduce your issue on Chrome on Windows. I don't get the double-audio playback on the Youtube video. Did you make any corrections?




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              PolyMuse Level 1

              Hi -

              I've been having the same issue with certain YouTube videos, but not all of them.  Not when running any Adobe programs, though.


              After a bit of research, it looks like a Google extension in Firefox (in my case) called 'Widevine content decription module' is the problem.

              I didn't install the extension on Firefox so I guess it was done automatically during a Firefox update (??).

              I went into the Firefox Add-ons Manager and selected 'Never Activate', which seems to have worked.


              Don't know about other browsers.


              Hope it helps, anyway. 

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