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    Help me optimise my drives please

    SatchSaysPlay Level 1

      So i will try an explain this as best i can


      I have 4 drives right now,2 SSD drives and 2 HDD ,one of the HDD is a very slowish 2TB drive i just dump images and audio effects on.

      My main SSD has my operating system on and a few games i play,it does have some programs but nothing from adobe.

      Now my second SSD is completely brand new,it has been formatted and thats it,this is the drive i want to use purely for adobe applications.

      I cannot install them on the (1) main drive as space is limited,so i would like to install them all on my (2) SSD,the other drive is a slightly faster HDD



      (1) Main SSD with OS on

      (2) brand new SSD with nothing on there at all

      (3) a slow 2 TB HDD

      (4) a slightly faster HDD


      I want to install 5 possible 6 Adobe application on (2) but where would i create the media cache for best performance, i cannot use my (1) drive so it would need to be on one of the other three.

      Is it ok to install my programs on the (2) and have media cache on the same drive  ?



      Anyway , all help and suggestions appreciated