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    Using ‘WebHelp to CHM Converter’ script increases the size of the CHM file

    PMROBO Level 1

      Hello Rh CHM Gurus!


      Please review below. Any suggestion, please educate.


      Thank you all for your time.



      Rh version: 11

      OS: Windows 7

      Issue: Running the WebHelp to CHM Converter script increases the size of the CHM file


      • Old chm file size = 15,425,068
      • New chm file size = 106,975,117



      1. Did the script include additional files that make up the WebHelp (used in an uncompiled HTML - in the essence, used to create a WebHelp web site)?
      2. Is there code to edit the WebHelp to CHM Converter.jsx?


      My WebHelp Settings are as follows: