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    Dumb Question - Flash Player version

    jeffcg2 Level 1
      In Required Flash Player setting there are 3 boxes now with 9.0.124. When I go to download the new Flash Player it says 10,0,12,36. So I am assuming that 10,0,12 is what should go in these fields but I am not positive.

      I am also reading about SWFObject v2.0 being a good thing. The way I am reading it is that this version of Flex Builder is not using this. I see where this has re-write the .html file flash detector script.

      If I were to try the SWFObject method is this going to be as simple as replacing this script?
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          rtalton Level 4
          You would set the required version of Flash Player to whatever the Flex application requires your target audience to have installed in order to view you app.
          If you are not using all the latest capabilities of Flash Player version 10 in your application, stick with a lower version (9.x.x) so your users do not have to download the latest version.