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    Illustrator Draw keeps deleting my lines when i area fill?

    orange buddha Level 1

      So I've been using Draw now for quite a while and recently, whenever I do an area fill after creating my outlines, the app decides to delete my entire outline.


      Has anyone else experienced this?

      Is there anything I am doing wrong, because this app is super straight forward it seems.


      Any and all help is appreciated, thank you for your time in advance!

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Orange.


          I responded to you through the in-app feedback last Friday but never heard back from you. 


          I'm really sorry this is happening. It is not something I've heard before at all (and so far I've been unable to duplicate it) so if you can give me any additional details about what's happening and when it's happening, it would be really helpful.


          * Is the outline erasing only when you try to fill? Or is it happening at other times too?

          * Are you actually able to fill, then the outline deletes? Or does fill not even work then the outline is deleted?

          * Is this happening with every drawing you work on or one in particular? If it's just one drawing is it particularly complex?

          * Does this also happen when you try to fill in a shape? Or does it happen only with hand-drawn outlines?

          * If you create a new drawing in a new project, does this happen immediately? If you create a new layer in an existing drawing does this happen?

          * What color is your outline? And what color is your fill?

          * Finally, and this may sound a really stupid question but... By any chance do you have the eraser selected and are long-pressing on the outline?



          Any additional information, that I can pass along to the product team, will be helpful.



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