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    Walkbot floating with "walk with left/right"

    Lupillo Arellano Level 1

      Hello, I've come to see that for me it's better and easier to create three different puppets (front view, profile/walk view, back view), rather than combine the front view with the profile/walk views as in the example of the Maddy puppet.


      I have two questions-


      1. With my profile/walk view, the puppet floats around when I move my head around using the camera (in the walk with left/right keys option). I have seen some responses to the floating around issue having to do with naming structure/stapling feet down, but that doesn't seem to work for a walking puppet... I even checked with the Walkbot example, and if I change the settings to "walk with left/right keys" then it too floats around as I move my head around...


      2. I created an independent puppet of the head group from my front profile puppet so that I could use on the profile/walk puppet, but when I bring in the independent head onto the puppet, the puppet stops being able to walk. I have made sure the head is also tagged with the neck tag, not sure what to do... This trick did work before when I had the front/left/right profiles (for walking cycles) as one puppet- I used this same independent head for both the left and right walking profiles (in the same puppet) and it worked, but now it doesn't work for a separate puppet.


      Anybody have similar experiences? Solutions? Thank you!

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          Lupillo Arellano Level 1

          UPDATE- solved question 2 of my original questions. I assigned the different head turner profiles keys, and when I removed the head tags from the heads the puppet started to walk again. The puppet, as a whole, was reading my left profile head and my right profile head as "views" for the walk cycle (I only had incorporated one walk cycle, so there should only be one "root" view and no left/right views... Removing the tags from the heads removed the other two views my puppet was looking for. Now i can use my independent head puppet on my profile/walk puppet body, thus saving time to build a new head.


          The puppet is still floating though, the I turn on the camera and I move around. If I press the right walk key then the puppet settles not place and walks fine. It's just when I'm not pressing the right key button is the puppet floating around as I look around too.


          So far, only solution I have, is to turn off the camera when beginning recording (thus the puppet is standing motionless), then press the right walk button, then start camera as puppet is walking (no floating happens with camera on as the puppet is walking).


          Still hoping to leave the camera on at all times without having puppet float, in case anyone has a solution. Thank you!

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            oksamurai Employee Moderator

            You need a separate frontal view that pins the feet down. Check out this trick which lets you create 3 views from one puppet:


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              Lupillo Arellano Level 1

              Oh dang it, I'm sorry I somehow forgot about this video tutorial. I religiously watch your new videos when they come out a few times at least, don't know how I forgot about this. Thank you again Dan!

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                Is it possible that the character does not flip back? Like if I go left it stays facing left?