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    smart objects


      Smart objects are rastorzing without a window prompt asking me to confirm I want to rastorize the layer. 

      How is this happening? Is there a quick key I'm accidentally pressing? Is it a bug?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I've not heard of this happening before.  Can you describe what is happening in more detail? 

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            kyliem26232054 Level 1

            I have large comps consisting of five seperate smart objects each around 70MB each. The whole file is about 6G. I open it to do some amends, however while working on it, going in and out of the smart objects, at some point every now and then a smart object will rastorize. Maybe it's when I'm returning to the main comp? I haven't worked it out yet. Just if I don't check each smart object before I close the document, I end up with phantom rasterised layers. I look back in the history, can see the action- but I've never had a pop up window to confirm rastorization. Other colleges go to work on the file & weve lost a smart object - it flatens it within the main comp as it's cropped to that image size.

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              daviesdesignated Level 1

              If you change colour space (RGB - CMYK) it may rasterize it for you? But that usually pops up a warning.

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                daviesdesignated Level 1

                You might also have a keyboard shortcut which does it and you don't realise it - I have mine set to command+shift+R so it's hard to do by accident.

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