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    Maya to After effects nightmare


      Hello. I´m trying to export my camera and some locators to after effects and the resulting scene seems to suffer from offset of a wrong

      camera. I don´t know if i am doing something wrong but i´ve followed

      the instrucctions i´ve seen everywhere with no succes. Even Maya live

      link is failing.

      I have a 1920x1080 maya scene (the same in AE), i create some planes, one camera, set its

      Fil Aspect Ratio to 1.778, render from Arnold and then i try to import

      the camera via .ma files, .fbx (via FBX to AE plugin) and AE Live Link, and i always get the

      same result, the planes are not in position.

      This is driving me crazy.

      Can anyone help me please?



      I guess it has to be with the scene scale or some camera setting that im not able to recognize yet...