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    problem in loading multiple swf files using SWFLoader

    avanthika Level 1
      Hi all

      I have problem loading multiple swf files using SWFLoader.

      I have loaded the swf files as follows.

      <mx:Panel width="778" height="150" >
      <mx:SWFLoader source="@Embed(source='assets/step1.swf')" id="step1" />

      <mx:Panel id="panelTwo" width="778" height="150" horizontalScrollPolicy="off" >
      <mx:SWFLoader source="@Embed(source='assets/step1.swf')" id="step2" />


      the step1.swf contains few input text boxes

      when I run the application,Only the panelTwo textboxes geting focus when i click, i can type text .

      in first panel swf , if i click nothing happens. even if swf as some default text in the text boxex it will also dissappears onload. but the same default text will appear in panel two.

      if i remove panel two , then panel one swf will show all default text and it also dispalys cursor on click to edit.

      my problem, if i load multiple swf files only the last swf loaded will show its content in the inputtext boxes,
      all other swfs content is not visible.

      please any one tell me where i went wrong,

      thanks for your time and consideration.