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    A little bug in Muse

    Martin Chipperfield Level 1

      Got this bug in my Muse website. It's only little but it still bugs me.


      Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 17.22.20.png


      Thebrowser fill throughout the whole website is set to white, right? But look at the third vertical. That's not white.


      Okay I said it was a little bug, it publishes white all right, and as soon as I open the master or one of the pages it comes up white.


      Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 17.26.53.png


      See? It's all white now!!

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7



          This looks like a simple visual glitch.


          Could you please see if similar behavior is observed in a new or any other file as well?


          also, try to turn the thumbnails off and then on and see if that helps in any way.




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            Martin Chipperfield Level 1

            Thanks Ankush!!


            Yes it is even worse in another file, voila!!


            Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 09.12.44.png


            Turning thumbnails on and off doesn't make a difference.


            The problem started after I changed the browser fill colour for a moment on one of the masters on the other file and then changed it back to white. The little browser fill icon in the menu comes up white. And like I said the files publish white. There you go.


            Installing Muse again doesn't fix it because the problem came up again in the latest disastrous update (and re-installed the previous version again).

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              JoseOJ Adobe Employee

              Could you please share one sample file.

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                Martin Chipperfield Level 1

                You got me fascinated by this so I had a good look at it and I think I fixed it.


                At one point I set the maximum width of the file the same as the minimum width 1000. The reason why I did this was I had lost the page guidelines.


                So now I set the maximum width higher 1199.


                The page guidelines disappeared so then I set the page stroke to zilch, still no guideline, then I noticed it was 1 so I set that to zilch too and magically everything now seems to be working good. Browser fill white everywhere.


                Have I done right? What should I set the max width at?

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                  ankushr40215001 Level 7



                  Yes, I am also able to replicate your issue.


                  If we set both min page with and max page with an equal number in a fixed width layout, It will tend to show gray or black border to the page thumbnails in plan mode.


                  I will get this checked.





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