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    Which came first audio or flash?


      I was wondering if anyone new what are the best practices when syncing audio with animating flash graphics. Also when preparing for a flash project that will incorporate syncing audio, which should come first the animation or the voice over?

      Thank you
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          always always always ALWAYS do the audio first. It is much easier to sync graphics to existing audio than to record audio to go with an existing animation.

          The only thoughts that come to mind when talking about sound syncing a flash file, is to watch the length of the audio in proportion to the file size of the project. At my work, we did some really long SWF's, and had some bad sound synching. It seemed to stem from the fact that the audio is not held strictly to the frame-based timeline, and the graphics are. Even when it looked completely synced inside flash (scrubbed correct as well) we still had to pick a point every couple-hundred frames, and break the in-flash sync, so that it would be synced on export.