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    Photoshop CC can't resize crop or open other tools


      Hi - I just downloaded Photoshop CC on Windows 10. I'm used to using a mac, so not sure if I'm doing something wrong.


      I tried to crop an image but it won't let me resize the area i'm cropping. I've cleared the ratio and reset the tool but nothing works. I click the crop tool, it outlines the image i have open, but I can't shrink or expand it.


      I made a new adjustment layer to change the curves and it only lets me make one click. When I try to move the bar to change the curves, it only lets me make that one click.


      Additionally, I can't change any of the tools on the toolbar. For example, I can select the dodge tool, but I can't click on it to get to the burn tool.


      I hope this makes sense, I know it's hard to describe exactly. It seems like there is some sort of limitation set or something is locked up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. When I reinstalled photoshop, everything worked correctly for the first couple of minutes and then stopped again.