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    Reflections and Distorted images - How?

    TimDixon Level 1

      I've seen quite a few flash files out there mimicing the apple 'cover flow' so I know this is possible....

      What I want is to have an image in a movieclip (which I will load in dynamically from an xml file...) - I'll then animate this cip onto the stage from the side (simple transition). All pretty straight forward, but I also want to have the image slightly distorted - as if its slightly rotated in 3d - and also have relfection underneath.

      Does anyone know an easy way of doing this? I have found a reflection class (from pixelfumes) which works well; and is easy. I did find a distortion class, but the 2 dind't seem to work together!!

      Can anyone help? a couple of simple classes would be better.

      Just on a side note - I dont really need to animate the distortion - simple set it to a specific angle.