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    List Height w/ itemRenderer

    Brent Lamborn Level 2
      I'm trying to figure out why my list won't adjust it's height when the height of the itemRenderer changes. The list looks like this:

      <mx:List id="Parts" width="349"
      alternatingItemColors="[0xEEEEEE, 0xDFDFDF]"
      themeColor="#FFFFFF" />

      If I add another item to the list, then it grows to fit the new item, but if the any of the items themselves grow (they each contain expanding TextArea's etc.) then the list will not adjust it's height to fit. I know for sure that it is the list that is not growing because I am printing its height to the screen so I can monitor its size.

      Also, I don't explicitly set the height anywhere for the list. I also don't want scrollbars in the list. I just want the whole list to expand to whatever height it needs to show all of each item.

      When the list first loads the height is correct, but if I the height of an item changes after it has been loaded into the list, the list no longer adjusts its height to fit.

      Any ideas on how to do this or what I might be doing wrong?