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    How to get support

    pommie2000 Level 1

      Im pulling my hair out trying to get somebody top string a coherent email together in response to my issue.


      My company was a user of Adobe sign and liked to so much they asked me to esquire about upgrading the licence package.

      I sent an email to support asking somebody to call me to discuss the options as i didn't want to disrupt the current account.

      I find a receive an email saying "sorry to see you go, we have terminated your subscription etc etc"


      This was 1 week ago and ive been desperately trying to get somebody to re-activate it.

      I've sat in the support queue for 20 mins and gave up waiting.

      Ive asked several times via email for somebody to call me back but they dont.

      From the email responses i receive it doesn't look like the recipient isn't reading them or doesn't care.


      Does anyone know of an escalation path to get support? I have some business documents out there pending signing and i cant afford this to go on much longer.


      Thanks for any help.