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    Looking for a solution to allow a client to customize content on white label Muse website

    Uncle Flamin Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I am looking for a simple solution to allow clients to be able to customise content on whitelabel Adobe Muse websites that i build.


      The most likely things would be images, links and text.


      For example, if i were to build a whitelabel plumbing website...plumbers who purchase it would obviously need to edit content with that which is relevant to their own business (not the generic content shown on the whitelabel website i build).


      I have seen various CMS systems for adobe muse however these are not really the model that i wish to follow as they seem to require membership or some appear to have limitations that do not suit my needs.


      A couple of my own thoughts on possible solutions

      1. editable pdf documents (how to provide this option if customer doesnt have cc subscription for adobe acrobat?)

      2. a simply html option (iframes in a text document in the assets folder on webserver)

      3. perhaps storing the ability to hold this "editable content" on another webserver...for example a wordpress one with user accounts. This might just be doubling up in that maybe website would best be wordpress in the first place? However I am trying to find a solution that doesnt require clients to perform regular security updates as is needed in wordpress. The more custom plugins, themes, widgets in wordpress the less automatic updates work and the more manual updating has to be done. as soon as manual updating is required.


      Any ideas?