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    PHOTOSHOP CC Freezes my Mac PRO on RAW Camera Files

    danazoo Level 1

      I have worked in Photoshop CS4 on my computer for years with no issues. I decided to upgrade the latest version of Photoshop CC and Bridge on both my Macbook Pro laptop and my Desktop Apple Mac Pro 2008 Desktop OSX 10.10.5. The download was smooth and no issues on the Macbook. However, on the Mac Pro, the download of Bridge hung up three times. I have since deleted Bridge. Since the start of this two days ago, Photoshop freezes my entire system when attempting to open a camera raw file. I can open a jpeg, tiff, any kind of graphic file and work on it with tools. But as soon as I open a RAW camera file, the entire system freezes. I have attempted to get assistance through Adobe tech support on the phone for hours. I have uninstalled and re-installed. Nothing has worked. I have tried various types of camera raw files like Nikon, Canon, Panasonic files. Downloaded other raw files online. As soon as I select "open" and the image appears, the system freezes. I have gone through the trouble shooting list, disconnected peripherals, etc. Open to suggestions.