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    DW 2018 Maybe? (or maybe not)

    pziecina Level 6

      I came across this Brackets extension yesterday, and after a few hours playing I found that for those wanting a more visual method of doing html and css layouts that is visually better than the current Dw css designer/live edit options, (with visual html thrown in), but is also not as none coder or designer orientated as Muse, and is I think worth a look at for anyone interested.




      I know much of what is incorporated into this extension has been discussed in this and other forums, and nothing actually new is introduced, but it does show a direction I would consider to be worthwhile for Dw, (if it is not going to be a full IDE) especially for those not wishing to become full coders, and wanting more freedom in what is possible than Muse currently offers.


      Thoughts anyone?

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          osgood_ Level 8

          I don't know, it's becoming more confused by the day/hour. There seems to be a wide range of these kinds of applications available right now.


          It's difficult to pin-point a bit of web editing software that I'm really content with these days. I dont really know if this kind of workflow has any advantages over pure coding or not. I mean I use InDesign and Quark Xpress for producing a dtp page layouts and would'nt dream about using co-ordiantes to draw a box and some weird numbers to add colors, as I'm sure they do under the bonnet, so maybe I'm stuck in my ways regarding web-design and there will come a time where it will all mostly be done via a visual interface, rather than writing code.


          I'm not willing to waste time learning how to use one of these tools just to find the code is not transportable or is so bad its just not acceptable to the standards that I set myself.


          All I know at the moment is I can write code pretty quickly and cleanly with meaning, which is high on my requirement list. I dont want to be slowing myself down by having to wade through divitas coding and a ton of class names should I need to edit anything directly.


          I think long gone are the days when there was only a handful of 'useful' web-editing programs. Most probably why this forum has fallen off a cliff over recent months. One wonders who is using what these days...

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            pziecina Level 6

            I was not thinking of the experianced coder, more of the 'typical' Dw user who wants a more visual method of creating web pages. The extension does require more work if it was to become a professional tool, but as a starting point it does show a better UI than what is currently offered by many such attempts.


            I'm not going to go into the 'who is using what' except to say that there is now no program that offers everything, unless one wants to pay the proverbial 'arm and a leg'.

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              BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I tend to agree to some extent. One of my ex-customers is now using https://sites.google.com/new?usp=jotspot_si. Just wondering how long it will be when he comes back to me.

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                pziecina Level 6

                BenPleysier  wrote

                wondering how long it will be when he comes back to me.

                You can guarantee that all your hard work over the years building the site ratings, and ensuring it works correctly, will have gone before they admit they made a mistake.


                Too many clients now think that just because a page looks o/k, it will work o/k and search engines will never notice any problems.