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    Questions regarding payment for the photography plan


      Sorry if this was answered somewhere before but I couldn't find any answers on Google that seemed reliable. Most of the time it was vague guesses from strangers.


      Anyhow, I'm planning to buy the photography plan (Photoshop + Lightroom) but have problems deciding on the subscription plan because I'm a bit unsure about the cancellation.


      1) The monthly subscription for $9.99/mo has some kinda clause that if I want to opt out of the subscription plan (before the year is over), I've have to pay 50% of the costs? Is that true? And if yes, what is the 50% based on? Is it 50% of the whole product cost (e.g. I pay $150 to use the programs for a year so I'd have to pay $75 as reimbursement for wanting to cancel my subscription early) or is it 50% of the amount of money I would have still have left to pay.

      For e.g. I've used the photography plan for 8 months and would still be bound to the subscription for the next 4 months but because I want to pull out early, I'd have to pay 50% of the costs of the last 4 months. Is it like that or is that wrong?


      2) I saw that I also have the option to pay pre-paid 144 € or so for the whole year instead of having monthly costs. If I were to cancel my subscription in the first few months, do I still get to use the product for a year until it runs out or would it block my license the moment I press the button to cancel my subscription and not renew it?


      I'm sorry for the odd nature of my questions but I'm only considering a one year subscription due to financial uncertainty.