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    Animate CC and Flash CS3 compatibility issues

    seanwickett Level 1

      For reasons too lengthy to get into, our studio is currently split with Animate and Flash CS3.


      When building a .fla, we need to import images, sometimes 4-5 of them. Large PNGs that are around 6-9000 pixels on one side (TV production).


      When importing them to the library in CS3, Flash crashes after 2 or 3 imports or if we select more than 3 at a time on a single import.


      We'd love to build the files in Animate but backwards compatibility is crucial for production. WE CANNOT UPGRADE THE ENTIRE STUDIO, so forget that response. We use CS3 to put together the .fla so there is max compatibility.


      Is there a way, short of installing CS6 and CS5, saving the .fla as CS5 in CS6, then using CS5 to save as CS3 to make it work with Flash CS3 and avoid the crashing issue?


      The basic structure of the .fla's that we make hasn't changed since 2006, standard Flash puppets with PNG backgrounds and overlays. So we don't use ANY new functions from Animate that get in the way of compatibility.


      Is there a way to output PNGs from Photoshop (some layers contain transparency) that would make them more 'friendly' to CS3?


      Any suggestions would be very helpful at this point.