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    Plotting a chart based on array Java method returns


      I am using Java to get some data (I'm counting no of lines of code in all my source control projects). I would like to make a Flex chart which would depict this data for every month. So my Java code (which would poll the source at set times and be setup as a long running task - or linux equivalent of Windows Service) would expose an int[] object.

      My question is, can I make a Flex chart which would plot points based on what my Java method would return? Any sample of this? I know the conventional way is to use an ArrayCollection in Flex.

      Also, am I right in thinking that one way to connect to methods written in another language is to use Coldfusion? (It uses cfobject to do this), so this is another viable method along with Weborb, remoting, etc?

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          Since you already seem to have a java backend I would use blazeds which can directly call java methods. Blazeds will automatically serialize java data type to AS3 for use in your flex application.

          You are correct another way to do this in CF would be to use CF Remoting which uses components to directly call CF methods.

          Additonaly the blazeds messaging feature allows near real time server-side push which may or may not be useful in your case.