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    What file can I fix to stop the hanging?

    Teri White Level 1
      I'm hoping someone in this group can help me out. I have 16 RH projects that function great...and one that is on its death bed and I don't know why. One project can no longer create a new folder or even save a file after importing a single image without 'hanging' for huge blocks of time. There are no illegal characters in file names, no spaces, the .cpd file is nice and small and rebuilt often. Is there another file that I should be looking at for a 'problem'?

      I'm thinking my only choice is to recreate the project in a new file - reimport everything and 'hope for the best' but that will take at least 2 days and I'd like to know that it would be the smart thing to do. Yes? No?

      The knowledge here is incredible and I greatly appreciate someone giving me some good advice. Thank you!!!