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    ADOBE MUSE - Replacing images to force higher resolution


      Dear experts.


      I have made a site with breakpoints.


      When muse exports to html, it optimises the images to 72dpi at the set scale for the breakpoint, for example 300 x 200 pixels.


      I want to replace that image with, for example 900 x 600 pixel image so that when someone pinch zooms into the image while using a phone, they see detail. I realise that this will lead to slower download times. I am privileging detail over speed.


      Will this work?


      Is there a way to tell muse to export at unnecessary pixels for this result so that I don't have to add manually?


      Does fluid width set on the breakpoint make a difference to image resolution quality?




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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          No, this can't work, because there is another player in the game: the browser.

          Muse provides (and the browser expects) an image in exactly the pixel dimensions, you placed it into your layout (if you create a HiDPI site, double pixel dimension is used). If you pinch the browser view on moblie devices, the image will become bigger, but the visual quality decreases, simply because the browser hasn't access to the necessary pixel data.

          Pinching the browser view therefore always will end up in increasing bluriness of images. This is not avoidable and true for every site – created in Muse or a different application.