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    Navigating pdf via the tag tree/tag pane

    yennika1994 Level 1

      I asked this question a few weeks ago and got no response, so I'm trying again. I believe a recent update may have disabled an important pdf navigation feature that I rely on daily to do my job, and I'm not sure how to turn it back on (or if I even can).


      Previously, when I had the tag tree open, I was able to click on a tag - say, a List tag that may need to be re-tagged - and be automatically redirected to that List in the document. When I have a 100 page document with hundreds of tags, I need to be able to navigate via the tag list to find errors and check my work. This part of my job is now taking me three times as long, since I have to keep going back and forth between the tag tree and the document.


      My question is, has anyone else experienced this change? Is it possible to revert back to an older version of Acrobat DC so I can get this feature back?

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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Yennika,


          As per the description above, you are not able to navigate to the page using the Tag feature in the PDF document, Is that correct?


          I tried replicating the issue at my end, and I am able to navigate to the PDF pages using Tag features.


          Please check for the latest update from Help>Check for updates.

          If you want to revert back to the Old version of Acrobat, you can download it from  Release Notes | Adobe Acrobat, Reader


          Please share the following details:

          * Please confirm the version of Acrobat installed on your computer?

          To check the version of Acrobat, launch Acrobat>navigate to Help menu>select About Adobe Acrobat.

          * Which operating system do you have- Windows/Mac?

          * Is this happening with this pdf only or with other pdfs as well?


          Keep us posted with the results.


          Anand Sri.

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