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    Adobe may offer you a "deal" which is actually more expensive than advertised

    Abigail'sParty Level 1

      Hi folks, just to give you a heads up I chatted to Adobe online a couple of times recently, about CC cancellation - I'm no longer working at a university so don't qualify for an educational plan this year, but was wondering about cancelling anyway, or at least just picking Premiere as a single app - and the Adobe chat team presented me with an offer that was actually more expensive than the website advertises. When I pointed this out, they said they could only charge me that higher price themselves, and that if I wanted anything lower I'd just have to cancel the subscription with them and buy a new plan myself, as per the advertised price. Not very satisfied about that but it probably wasn't the fault of the representative, who tried very hard to help me but went away to check and was presumably only provided with a higher price, hence Adobe just saying they could only cancel my plan in the end. Just something to be aware of.