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    Why would I only be able to open 1 adobe program at a time?


      Using Windows 10 with drivers up to date.


      For some reason sometimes Im only able to have 1 adobe program open at once. So at work I'll be working in photoshop and may wanna pass something to AE. So I'll simply open AE except it WONT open. It will sit in the task manager at 26-28% cpu usage but thats it. It wont open, it will just sit there.


      So I figured its a graphics driver error because they both use it. I closed photoshop and reopened AE and it works. So with AE already opened, I opened up photoshop. This time it was photoshop sitting at 26-28% cpu usage in the task manager refusing to start.


      So Just for curiosity sake, I opened up an older version of adobe audition. Same thing. audition was sitting at the same percentage not opening or anything.


      So then I tested autodesk maya. What puzzled me is it affected maya as well. This PC also had zbrush on it so I checked with that, and zbrush opened correctly.


      I checked with the folks who use this PC and they dont do anything out of the ordinary and its clean.


      So to summarize..


      - Only 1 Adobe product can be open.
      - Must close previous adobe product to open another.

      - DOES NOT seem to be restricted to adobe.
      - IF any adobe product is open, autodesk Maya will not open.
      - IF Maya is open, no adobe product will open.
      - I thought it was graphics related but audition does not use the graphics card.
      - Restarting the computer fixes it. The longer the computer is on, the more likely this is to happen.


      Any solutions to this? Its highly annoying.