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    Export groups+paths inside as png

    volodymyr.m Level 1



      I have a simple structure in my artwork:




      What I need is to export as PNG my groups this way: “group_name_index_R_G_B.png”. RGB value(color) of each <Path>.


      Example for group name ground_9:

      •   ground_9_1_89_86_142.png
      •   ground_9_2_144_85_130.png
      •   …
      •   ground_9_13_215_185_65.png

      Most important for me is RGB value color of each <Path>. Also, each <Path> should be same size and with transparency, size of it should be as artboard size where path located. So all png files should be the same size and with 1 triangle inside.


      I don't know if with scripts possble to do all this, I would like to listen any advices about that.

      Here is sample and very simple ai file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3372h0au27ssb34/Untitled-1.ai?dl=0


      Silly-V could you please take a look at this? Thank you in advance.