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    Chinese font problem



      I'm working on a Chinese movie in Europe and I have a problem with Chinese fonts in photoshop.

      I have an RTF text and I copy/paste the text in photoshop. While After Effects recognize the characters correctly, photoshop doesn't and some characters are missing. I'm using the same exact font in both software. I tried different Chinese font options but they all work in After Effects (and any word processors), not in Photoshop.

      Any idea?

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          carlod5770398 Level 1

          Update: Heiti SC seems to work in photoshop but I would like to use Heiti STD with simplified Chinese, which works in after effects...

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            What version of Photoshop and After Effects are you using? What platform?


            For Chinese fonts, I have found that the best font is Source Han Sans (Source Han Sans - Wikipedia ) from Adobe - Noto Sans CJK from Google. They are the same. There exists also a serif version now.


            The advantage of these fonts are:

            • they are freely available as open source fonts
            • they have a complete Asian characters set (the most complete I ever saw)
            • they are available with the code page of your choice as default, which may be your problem with your font.
            • they are available in different weights.
            • they are simply beautiful.

            More information on this: FAQs about fonts | Adobe Type .


            BTW: SC seams to be "simplified Chinese", isn't it?