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    dividing two fields

    pdfUser1 Level 1

      I have three fields. Two of them are input fields. Field1 is to enter the foot measurement of length of board. Field2 is to enter the specific size I want to get out of Field1. Like for example 8' / 3' = 2pcs. I don't want the scrap amount, just to show 2pcs. I have the following script to do the division,


      var v1 = +this.getField("Field1").value;

      var v2 = +this.getField("Field2").value;

      if (v2==0) event.value = "";

      else event.value = v1 / v2;


      the script works to do the division, but it rounds up. Unless I select one decimal place under the Number pane. But, I don't want that result. I would just like to see the whole number. Not the number with the decimal place. Does anyone know the javascript to enable me to do the calculation the way I'd like? Please let me know. Thanks.