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    Dynamic Stamps - Java Script

    p.gerner Level 1

      Hey at all,


      The Problem is that my designed dynamic stamp does not get the username (user id). It already gets the time and date, but the username (user id) is really important.

      I followed the follwing steps on the "Secrets of dynamic stamps" but there is already something what I have done wrong.

      Actually I tryed to copy the script of the stock stamps with dynamic parts of adobe. But when I put the script code on my stamp it does not geht the user id. My preferences are set. My Name, Company, etc. is typed in. But the name is not shown on the stamp.


      I already have talked to the support team and an Acrobat technican about that Problem. But the guys there had no idea to fix the problem.


      I already designed a dynamic stamp in Illustrator, exported as an .pdf file. Then I opend it up in Acrobat DC. Put in a textbox. Pasted the script lines.


      Here is the Script I have first used:

      event.value = (new Date()).toString();

      AFDate_FormatEx("HH:MM, dd.mm.yyyy");

      event.value = "Von " + ((!identity.name || identity.loginName != (event.source.source || this).Collab.user) ? (event.source.source || this).Collab.user :

      identity.name) + " , " + event.value;


      This is the script i got from the support team:

      : event.value = ((!identity.name || identity.loginName != (event.source.source || this).Collab.user) ? (event.source.source || this).Collab.user : identity.name)


      Thanks for everyone who could help me, to fix it together!