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    Photo critique

    Cicero Castro Level 1


      Hi everyone,


      i would like to know your honest opinion of this image.


      Thank you in advance.

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          casch52 Level 1

          Nice focus and colorful.

          For what it is worth there is too much negative space and while the subject isn't and shouldn't be centered it is too far to the left for a reasonable composition. Adobe's customers and their art departments should be able to add their negative space if needed. In addition there are a few blown out areas in the cup along the rim. Those areas should be toned down.


          Remember in still life photography you control everything. The light, composition, exposure, color saturation, noise and everything else. It HAS to be perfect. The standards for still life are much higher for that reason. Other forms of photography may have some latitude (remember this is professional work) but even then very little wiggle room.


          As the subject gets rarer the standards get more lax. As an example if you had an old picture that was marginal by quality standards of Princess Di in a compromising situation I guarantee it would sell as long as it was discernible who and what was happening.

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