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    character animator overrides unarmed character features




      Hi Guys,

      I try to animate diffrent parts of the Face in Character Animator independently of each other. But Character Animator overwrites animations that have not been armed by me.



      More precisely,

      First, I activate the eyebrows and record my performance.

      Then I unarm the eyebrows and arm another face controll  to record  the next facial feature. However, the complete eyebrow peformance I've recorded before is then overwritten.






      Is it possible at all  to record face controlls individually from each other?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Currently, "Face" includes a lot of stuff. It used to also include eyes, but we separated that out into its own thing. So no, unfortunately head, eyebrows, and all that other non-eye head stuff are all included in the Face behavior. So if you arm and record again, it will replace all of that stuff. Note you can use blend handles (little squares in the corners) to blend performances together. Sometimes I'll record a quick eyebrow fix for a second while keeping my head in more or less the same position that the recording has, and blend that performance in.


          For the face controls - the only one you need to arm is Camera Input. You would only arm the strength one if you wanted to record that value changing, like the eyelids getting weaker or stronger (rare).


          In the future I agree - I think it makes a lot of sense to separate out the eyebrows more.

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            julianh45599604 Level 1

            Thanks for the fast response.


            Too bad you can not record the attributes individually. I thought that would be a possibility because beside each attribute is an "arm button".


            It would definitely give you much more control over the actual animation. Maybe in a future update.


            Thanks again and many greetings,

            Julian Hubertus