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      My account is setup for auto renew.  Is there a way to stop the auto renewal?  I'm in school and my work load is heavy and I am afraid I won't remember to cancel in time.  I no longer need adobe products for another year or two at least.  I don't want to pay 1/2 to cancel early when I have less than 6 months left, 1/2 makes sense for 6 months left, not less.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

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          Hi Cassandra,


          I understand that you are looking to stop the auto renewal and you wish to do it beforehand to avoid missing out on the date.

          But I'm afraid that we don't have this feature as of now, you will need to Contact Customer Care and get the subscription cancelled during the last month of the plan if you do not wish it to renew for the next year.


          I am sorry I couldn't be much of help!