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    Presenter Published for LMS

    Pete Vojtik Level 1
      We are testing Presenter 7.0 with our Docent 6.5 LMS and we are having issues with the LMS updating transcripts properly.

      The course we are testing has no quiz and we have published the course for both AICC and SCORM 1.2 with the following Presenter reporting settings:

      1. Enable reporting for this presentation (checked)
      2. AICC or SCORM (checked as appropriate)
      3. Choose report data > Report slide views only > Slide View Completing 100%
      4. Report Pass or Fail > Report Complete/Incomplete (checked)
      5. Report Score to LMS as > Score (checked)
      6. Reporting Level > Only report the score (checked)

      For the AICC course, upon viewing all the slides, only reports back to the LMS that the course is "In-Progress". It does not complete.

      For the SCORM course, upon viewing all the slides, the transcript remains in "Enrolled" status as if no communication between the course and the LMS ever occurred.

      I have been working with our LMS vendor and they have indicated that Adobe Presenter is what they call a "Noncomforming AICC/SCORM course". They've asked us to check if Presenter completes the course from a putparam (AICC) or LMSSetValue/Commit(SCORM) call instead of exitau (AICC) or LMSFinish (SCORM). The default behavior in our LMS is not to allow nonconforming courses to mark complete.

      They did provide the following code for us, but it did not resolve the issue.


      AICC_Catcher.prototype.allowNonConformingCoursesToMarkComplete = function(courseCreator)
      var regexpstr = "Breeze Presenter";
      if (regexpstr.length > 0 ) {
      courseCreator = courseCreator || "";
      if (courseCreator.length > 0) {
      re = new RegExp(regexpstr,"i"); // The course creator match is case insensitive.
      return courseCreator.search(re) != -1;
      return false;


      Has anyone else experienced this problem with their LMS and Presenter? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can help our vendor resolve this issue? We really like Presenter and would like to use it.


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          us85 Level 1
          Hi Peter,

          I have published Presenter content on Adobe Connect, Moodle and BlackBoard and i have never encountered this problem. I always get the status as 'completed' for the same settings as mentioned by you.

          I have also tried running Presenter content on the AICC & SCORM test suites and both have given the expected result. Presenter does complete the course from putparam(AICCC) and LMSSetValue/Commit(SCORM) calls. As soon as the last slide in the presentation is viewed, the 'lesson_status' parameter in putparam & LMSSetValue calls is set to 'Completed'.

          Also, it is mentioned in Presenter's Help document that Presenter is AICC and SCORM compliant.
          Does the vendor face this problem every time he takes the course or is it intermittent? Is he taking the course under low-bandwidth conditions? It is possible that some packets are dropped if bandwidth is low.
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            Pete Vojtik Level 1
            To date, any course we develop in Captivate or Presenter and publish to AICC or SCORM has this issue. It is not intermittent. We develop in another tool called ToolBook and publish to AICC and SCORM and never experience this problem. I am glad you responded to how Presenter completes the course using the putparam(AICCC) and LMSSetValue/Commit(SCORM) calls. Captivate probably does the same, I'll have to check into this. Occording to Docent (our LMS vendor), these calls are are the problem and what they refer to as a "nonconforming courses" and would require a customization to our LMS. I'll have to do some digging on why these calls are used instead of the ones Docent expects.

            Thanks for your help.
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              robva65 Level 2

              We too deploy on Docent 6.5 and have had no issues with Presenter content....with ONE notable exception however: hidden slides. If your content contains any hidden slides at all, the "Report Slide View" function will throw an incomplete every single time, regardless of where or when you exit your course. Don't know if that's an issue for you, or as to whether you actually have hidden slides or not, but it's worth mentioning nonetheless.

              That said, have you tried running your courses through an ADL test suite? I ask because I can provide a sample pdf document that tracks progression, slide by slide, of Presenter content. Much like us85 has already mentioned, running an ADL test can provide a simple measure of "conformity", as it does track completion, SCORM packaging and session variables. Furthermore, in most cases, you can also track all the cmi.core.session information to determine validity.

              In my mind, having done this numerous times against various platforms (Docent, Lectora, GeoLearing, PeopleSoft), running the ADL tests can at least prove SCORM compliance. In addition to us85's comment, the test suite (version 1.2.6) will throw an LMSSetValue() as "finished successfully"

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