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    dataProvider syntax error -why cant 2 components have the same dataProvider

    Jed Schneider Level 1
      I am getting the following error:
      Multiple Initializers for property 'dataProvider' (note: 'dataProvider' is the default property of mx.controls.TitleList').

      i have two components one that is a lineChart the other is a titleList. for each I have identified the dataProvider property as the same arrayCollection (dataPoints) so my code looks like:
      dataProvider="{ dataPoints }" .... other properties>

      for both components. I had this same error when i tried to add a legend component yesterday so it is not limited to just these two components. I tried instantiating a variable as a type dataProvider, so that it was not being instantiated twice, but no such primitive type was available via the auto-complete code function. I am not sure what else to try. Thanks,