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    New to JavaScript but fairly savvy learner

    Hillary M

      I want to create Adobe forms for internal employee use.  These forms will not be published on the web.  I created my first form and since it had fairly simple calculations I was able to muddle through it.  For my next project, there are some relatively simple formulas if I were using excel.  However, I need help with actually getting the process started.  Specific questions are:


      1. Must I add custom calculation script to each individual box or can I use the JavaScript tool to write code for the entire form?

      2. Where do I start since I am not publishing to html?  My research indicates that JavaScript should be placed into html code...do I really need to do this?

      3. Before I get overly ambitious (it may be too late), I want to make sure it is possible to do what I want to do.  So based on the below, I want the PaymentD_"x" boxes to use the Repayment_Start_Date +14 days...thus a payment every two weeks. 


      I think with these points answered, I will be able to move on.  Additionally, I already have JavaScript for beginners guides and books and have read this community thoroughly...so I know I have a lot of learning to do.  I really just need a point in the right direction to apply all of this.