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    ADE 3 because ADE 4.5.6 won't work on Windows 10


      I'm posting this because I am furious!


      I just bought a new computer. ADE 4.5.6 downloads and installs just fine, it even let me authorize my computer. Now however it keeps "Not Responding" when I try to open the program or a book I got from the library. I followed advice from the forums and downloaded ADE 3, which does work, but has not had any security updates since 2014!


      In this day and age, computer security is a must. I feel that Adobe either needs to provide new security updates for ADE 3 or how about FIXING ADE 4.5.6 so it WORKS!


      And heaven forbid that you are actually allowed to speak to an actual person about this, because ADE is a free program, so nope, sorry, can't actually let you SPEAK to anyone.


      Very angry about this...