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    Transfer data from PC (version 11 elements) to PC (version 15 elements)


      I have purchased a new PC that has Adobe Photoshop Elements (version 15) and Adobe Premiere Elements (version 15) included on the PC (running Windows 10.  I have downloaded the new Adobe software from the cloud and it is installed and running on the new PC.


      I now want to transfer my previous pictures/media from my old PC (running Windows 7 and Adobe Photoshop Elements version 11) to the new PC.  I can copy the data using an external hard drive, but want to keep all of the IDs (dates, people, places, events) that have been associated with the pictures/media.


      I am just beginning to research how to do this with no/minimal loss of identications.  I know nothing about the "Creative Cloud" or how it fits into this migration.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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