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    Wacom pen stuck while alt tab

    benjaminvingrief Level 1



      I can reproduce the problem and solve it. But it's annoying.


      The problem :


      When I'm in PS, and do cmd+tab (mac OSX). If I come back to my PS, the "Wacom pen" is stuck and doesn't work properly.
      If I try to brush something, it makes me only a "point".
      Same with healing brush or all the tools that needs to be used by "moving" the cursor.

      To solve this problem, I must put my pen on my wacom tablet, and raise it fast.
      If I'm fast enough, when I try to brush, it works perfectly...
      If I do cmd+tab, same bug again, and solve it by raising it fast again...



      So, what's the problem ?
      I have done a fresh install of mac OS X, latest PS (all settings to default), latest wacom drivers. Same thing.