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    Cant get "selected" to work when looping through months and dates

    weezerboy Level 1

      I have this code that outputs select lists of months and select lists of the dates (1-31)


      The form loads OK and the months and dates are in the lists just fine.




      But when I select a month and a date I want it to stay selected when I submit the form


      So if I choose May 5 and click submit


      I want it to look like this



      But no matter what I select it always ends up January and 1


      Here is the code




                  <th>Choose  Feed Date:</th>

                  <th align="left"> <select name="feed_date_m">

                      <cfloop index="m" from=1 to=12>

                        <option value="#m#" <cfif #form.feed_date_m# is "m">selected</cfif>>#monthasstring(m)#  </option>



                    <select name="feed_date_d">

                      <cfloop index="d" from=1 to=31>

                        <option value="#d#">#d#  <cfif #feed_date_d# is "d">selected</cfif></option>