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    RoboHelp HTML v7


      Could anyone explain the exact significance of selecting the options Check for deleted files/Republish All while generating a help file. The help to RoboHelp just mentions that Republish All should not be used while merging projects.

      Thank you
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Please point me to where it says that. It can be used for merged webhelp as well as separate projects.

          There is information about the option in my Merged WebHelp article.

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            anuradha65 Level 1
            This is the help page where in the last line it says "Do not use the Republish All option in the master project".

            http://help.adobe.com/en_US/RoboHelp/RHTML/7.0/WebHelp_topics/Viewing_and_testing_WebHelp. htm

            I went through your Merged Webhelp article. Thank you for the information.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi there

              I'll be happy to fill in the missing detail for the options you mentioned.

              These pertain to the process of Publishing your WebHelp. And that process is vastly different than Generating. But so so many users confuse the two.

              You have a RoboHelp HTML project consisting of Source files. Perhaps they are in the following location:

              You Generate WebHelp and that process modifies each of the Source files. They end up in the Output location. Assuming the path I listed earlier, that location would be:

              Now the Publish process comes into play. The Publish process copies the files from the WebHelp output folder to another location. Perhaps a server. So here is what those options do.

              Normally, the first time you publish, each file is copied from the Output Folder to the Server. As each file is copied, it is logged in a file that tracks dates, times, file name, etc. The first time you publish, ALL files are copied.

              Subsequent publishes then only copy across the files it senses have been changed. So as it is copying, each file is compared to the list. Is it newer? No. Don't copy. So the first publish process may copy perhaps 1500 files. But the second time you publish, maybe only 20 files are actually copied, as those are the only ones that changed.

              Republish all says to ignore the list and just copy ALL the files again. You may wish to choose this if perhaps your IT folks advised you a server crashed and suggested checking all your links to ensure they are all working after they restored from a backup. Fuhgeddaboudit! Don't waste time checking links. Just republish all and you will know you are good to go.

              Check for Deleted files doesn't do what you may think it does. You might see that and think that if you deleted a folder of files from your project, RoboHelp will also clean those files off the server. Nope The key thing to remember with this is that The publishing process will never ever delete files off the server. If you need files removed, you will need to do that manually.

              So what does it do? It slows the publishing process down. If that option is enabled, not only does the process check to see if the files are newer and need to be copied, it also checks the server to ensure the files still exist! If one has gone missing, it will be copied over. Even if it's not newer.

              Hopefully that helps... Rick
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                anuradha65 Level 1
                Wow! That was such an informative mail. Thank you for explaining it to me in detail. That was very helpful.

                Thanks again
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  The bit in the help file about not using Republish All would not be a problem if you set up merged webhelp following my instructions.

                  It is a much simpler method than the suggested way!

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                    anuradha65 Level 1
                    Thank you. I will try your instructions.