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    Adobe Animate Camera is a BROKEN MESS!


      The Adobe team really needs to pull up their socks and look into this glitch.

      I'm working on an animation that requires the camera to move around and focus and pan on the characters. The camera is well set and captures the scene at the perfect position. I save the file and close the project.

      I come back again much later to work on the animation some more and I find that my Camera Layer automatically disappeared. I click the camera button to bring it back and the camera is completely out of focus and was offset from the original position by 360 and -160 pixels (My project canvas is 1280x720px big). The tweens I added to the camera layer are still here, but everything was shifted into the wrong direction. I literally had to redo the camera animation by resetting the camera position from 360, -160 to 0,0 for all frames, redo the tweens and, drag the camera to the write position again. Took me an extra 30 minutes.

      This is the most annoying glitch I ever ran into on flash; and this isn't even my first time. This camera glitch has happened to me four or five times and it was always a pain to fix them.

      Does anyone else run into these bugs? Is there a way to fix this or figure out what's causing this? Is Adobe working on fixing this bug?