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    export for signature without cloud service?




      I'm testing out Adobe Sign, and overall like the product. However for my specific needs the documents cannot be stored or transfered via 3rd party cloud.


      I would like to create a pdf document with a signature field

      which i could manually email to someone directly

      have them open it on a mobile device

      execute the signature field

      and then manually email it back, with the signature metadata intact/unmodifiable


      I don't want to get into a discussion as to how safe Adobe's cloud servers are or are not, i'm simply constrained by corporate infosec rules and so am looking for a work around and the above process flow meets my needs.


      I have attempted to add signature fields to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro, but when i open it on a mobile device i don't have any interactivity on it.


      advice? alternatives?


      thank you