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    What ISN’T in the Rumor Mill for Apple’s September 12 Media Event?

    Brian Stoppee Adobe Community Professional

      There’s no chatter about new muscular horsepower tools which plug into AC wall outlets.


      That makes sense, though. In June, Apple dazzled us with the iMac Pro teasers. Getting that very powerful toolbox onto desktops should not be confused by the introduction of other products. The iMac Pro will redefine the intense strength of an all-in-one desktop computer: https://www.apple.com/imac-pro/


      So, if you can edit a big motion picture production on the new iMac Pro, what else do you need? That’s a good question, but probably not one worth attempting to answer. How many people expected Apple to put monster power into a form factor usually reserved for classrooms and office cubicles. But, it did follow an HP introduction of an all-in-one with not only a great touch screen, but also a beautiful form with an impressive built-in Bang & Olufsen audio system.


      In April, Apple teased about a replacement for the Mac Pro, a potentially even bigger powerhouse than the iMac Pro.


      And, while the Mac Pro is all about bigness, what about tininess? Is there still a market for the Mac Mini? But doesn’t a Mac Mini and a Mac Pro deserve some seriously impressive Apple designed and branded displays?


      And speaking of “deserve,” doesn’t macOS Server need some sibling hardware power to truly unleash the kind of power in a market which HP owns?


      Some great things are coming from Apple in 2017 but some fabulous future introductions are marinading in the Apple kitchens for 2018.