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    info on how RH searches?

    Tech Writer KC

      (background: RH7, .chm files with a master project / sub-projects setup)

      Does anyone know of a good source of info on how the search feature in a .chm help ranks results?

      After fixing our search system (an .hhp issue was mucking up our search and limiting it to the index), we now seem to have the opposite "problem" - namely some searches returning a lot of results! (can't please everyone ;) ).

      In addition, the ranking seems a little random in how results are positioned - I'd assume it'd simply be by # of instances of the search term, but that doesn't seem to always be the case.

      Looking through the forums, I don't believe (knock on wood) that we're suffering from any of the other common issues reported with search, such as missing or duplicate results. This issue also isn't related to the use of words like "and" or "by" that can be resolved through the exclusion list.

      In other words, rather than trying to fix an issue, this is more about optimizing what seems to be a more or less working feature.

      PS: In searching the forums, I found a thread on a piece of software called "Zoomsearch", that appears to give Google-like results for webhelp projects.

      Does anyone know of something similar that would work for .chm files?