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    delaying statements

      I've read some of the topics on delaying statements in this forum, but am still confused. I want to use an alpha tween on a movieclip and once the tween finished, I want the movieclip to wait 5 seconds before it reverses tween. My code is as follows:

      Thank you in advance!
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          I created an example of what you can do here. I made a note in the code and also placed a box on the stage to show you what's going on. Let me know if this helps yoyo, I mean you... that was funny...
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            Shandy, I appreciate the time and effort you put into responding to my posting. Thank you. I'm a newbee to AS, so I don't quite understand all the lines in the code you provided me. I kept researching this issue after submitting my posting and was able to use the code below that seems to do the same thing.

            I've now ran into another issue :). Now that I have mc_1 fading in/out, I want it to fade in, wait for 5 seconds, fade out, and wait for 20 seconds before looping. Currently, the amount of time that it waits between fading in and fading out is the same. In other words, I want mc_1 to be fully visible for 5 seconds and once it fades out, fully invisible for 20 seconds, and then loop again. I hope this makes sense.

            Thanks again Shandy.
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              Shandy Elliott Level 1
              The script you attached is just another way to do it (a little more compact in design), but whichever way you understand is best. I took the code you attached and added additional code to create the effect you want. I added notes within the code. You can re-download that link for the new flash file. Let me know if this is what you are after.