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    Unable to see jpgs


      Have just installed Photoshop. Can open pdfs, ai and eps files but jpg seem to load but do not display. If I load a jpg I can see it in the layer side panel but not in the main screen and can see it in the pop up if I select image size. Ican create a new jpg from photoshop and still unable to see it when loaded. The jpg does load into paint okay though. 

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          Mohammad.Harb MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Does that Happen to All jpg Files or just to this jpg file?

          Try to save the File from paint as Jpg or PNG and open it back in photoshop.

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            craigpsydney Level 1

            This happens with any  jpg created by an older version of Photoshop (CS3) ,  and some other programs, however I can load in the jpg created by this version (CC2017)  into paint and then export it from paint and the paint created jpg will read into the new Photoshop okay. Have been using CS3 version for over 10 years and it still works well but had to upgrade as it is on a Vista machine and all the Vista support is being with drawn.

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              craigpsydney Level 1

              Have tried again today and when I opened Photoshop got a message that some function was being disabled due to incompatibility with my graphics card. The jpg s then went on to open correctly after that. I then went to device drivers and updated the graphic cards (intel hd 620 and Radeon r7 M445). Then started up Photoshop and it started without the message and jpgs loaded okay. Now just having proplems with some PSD files created by Photoshop CS3 that just come up black,  but will continue to investigate them.