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    Reseting Kobo eReader Licences

    terryk46822472 Level 1

      Can anyone tell me how to get the licences reset on my Kobo eReader.   I have tried over the last few months to get them reset, but what is disturbing is that some of the posts that I have seen on the forum date back to 2009. Eight years and the problem is still ongoing!  I have even contemplated returning the eReader and getting a refund as I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.  I was able to download a few books and then got the messages -

      E_BAD_LOAN_ID,  CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED No permission to copy book,  and the most annoying one, E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS. Therefore I cannot download anything from my library and I am at loggerheads with this problem.  Who do I talk to about the licences ?  If I reauthorise my computer and eReader as I have had to do am I using up my six licences?  Currently I am using Adobe Digital Editions 4:5 and prior to this problem ADE 4:5 worked okay. The eReader is great when it is working.  So my problem is how to reset the licences and does someone notify me when they are reset.  Here's hoping